"My son George had been racing from the age of 5 and had been successful at regional level, but had struggled with self belief at national level. When he turned 12, I employed Jools to work with George 1-2-1 throughout the race season to address his weaknesses, capitalise on his strengths and to focus his mind at the races. Throughout the year George improved like never before and went on to win two rounds of the national series and gained his highest ranking of number 4 in the UK. I cant thanks Jools enough for his commitment and dedication."

Spencer Moret

"At the age of 44 I had not particularly seen myself getting into BMX, however following my 7 year old son starting to train and race and with a nudge from my family, I ended up with some 1-2-1 coaching with Jools.

Over the course of the next few sessions Jools has taught me how to pedal, pump, corner and manual and get round the track like a BMX rider. Every session I have come away feeling great, with new skills, more confidence and a burning desire to practice even more. Jools has the patience, expertise, experience and the ability to coach and make you a better rider whilst having great fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Steve Ward

"In August 2011 I took my 5 year old son to the test event at the Olympic BMX track in Stratford. He loved it and asked it he could have a go. I found Jools at Braintree BMX Club on line and he started training with them in October of that year. Within two years he was competing at Regional level, finishing 3rd in his age group and in 2014 he will be competing at National level for the first time. If it was not for the time and commitment shown by Jools and his team he would not have developed as well as he has."

Kevin Harris

"Jake came into BMX racing in 2010 as a complete novice, but with a lot of help and guidance from Jools, for both Jake and myself he ranked as national number 2 last year (2013) and is going to his second World Championships in June this year. The important thing about Jools is the honesty, which leads to trust."

Steve Coombs

"Thank you Jools for what was an amazing event and fantastic work by you, enthusing young people and seeing every person's potential.

Every person who went on the track got an amazing buzz and learnt loads of new skills, not least belief in themselves. If you managed to get my boss on the track then you are heroic.

It was also fantastic to see a number of experienced riders from Braintree BMX attending and sharing some of their enthusiasm and skills. In particular, thanks to you Edward for helping with the setting up and taking down in the rain."

Richard Monk - CTC - Tiptree Pump Track opening.

"I have known and worked in partnership with Jools for 6 years in my role at Braintree Council. In that time Jools has has played a big part in raising the profile for cycling and in particular BMX in the District through his experienced coaching of young people, both at the track and through supporting community events leading up to and post London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Joby Humm - Leisure Contracts - Braintree District Council

"My daughter Poppy attended a BMX taster session today. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session, Poppy totally and utterly loved it. They have both come home full of tales of the track,, and how amazing the session was. Poppy is now a BMX Convert!!"

Andi Glen Euridge